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Wedding Reception Sound

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Wedding Sound Sound Support for Weddings & Receptions Exalt Creative Group provides sound support for wedding receptions as well. Small, intimate setting?  We have it covered. Large room with even larger personalities? Our equipment can accommodate crowds of up...
Pathway of Life Fall Festival

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Live Sound for Spring, Summer & Fall Festivals Pathway of Life Fall Festival, Mesquite, Texas Pathway of Life Church, Mesquite, Texas, called on us to support multiple music acts with a commanding outdoor presence. It was an outstanding festival with a live...
Garland ISD Special Needs Prom

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Live Sound Support for Special Events Garland ISD Special Needs Prom There are three things that Northplace Church, Sachse, Texas, stands upon:  Christ, Community, and Compassion. We were honored to provide sound support so this church ministry could create a special...
Earth Day Texas Speaker Panel Live Sound

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Earth Day Texas Speaker Panel Earth Day Texas is working tirelessly to educate and inspire individuals, communities and corporations to consider ways in which we can all contribute to a sustainable environment. When they called on us to amplify that message we were...
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